[Question] you can tell me tips for seo?

hi everybody,
Long ago I was trying to index the sitemap.php in google webmaster tools, but I do not index the pages at the beginning of 26 pages indexed only 1, now 27 pages and not indexed any, some other tips would sell me great

Thanks in advance
im apoligyze for my english :)
Probably a good idea to read Google's SEO guide which you can find here: https://static.googleusercontent.co.../search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf

But if you want a short 101
1. make good content which pulls traffic, more traffic to your site, the higher you get indexed.
2. Make sure you have descriptive tags in your system, be it xenforo or something else, but having random tags everywhere will make you rank lower.
3. Have rewrite url turned on, and shorten url's where possible, search engines like url's like /baseballcards/ more than url's like /2016/05/cards/baseball
4. Make your side load quickly, and be easy to navigate, if the search engine has to take 9 days to crawl your site, you're probably doing something wrong...
Yeah SEO is quite beneficial for the businesses as it provides the benefits of increased sales as well as improved credibility. Along with SEO I am running the facebook ads management campaign too for my business promotions and both the techniques are giving me best ever results.